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Beans Green
Beets Bunch
Beets cut 25 lbs
Brussel Sprouts 25 lbs
Brussel Sprouts Cup
Cabbage Green
Cabbage Red
Cabbage Savoy
Chinese Cabbage
Cilantro 30 ct
Corn bicolor
Cucumber Supers
Dandy bunch
Dill 24 ct
Eggplant Dominican
Eggplant Fancy
Eggplant Italian
Green - Cabbage
Greens - Collard
Greens - Mustard
Greens - Turnip
Kale Flower 24 Ct
Leeks 12 Ct
Mint 12 Ct
Mushroom Cello 10/10 oz
Mushroom Med 10 lbs
Mushroom Portabella 5

Okra Box
Parsley Curly
Parsley Curly 1/2 Box
Parsley Plain
Parsley Plain 1/2 Box
Peas Green
Peppers Cubanelle
Peppers Green
Peppers Imp Orange 11 lbs
Peppers Imp Red 11 lbs
Peppers Imp Yellow 11 lbs
Peppers Jalapenos
Peppers Long Hot Green
Peppers Red 25 lbs Bushel
Peppers Suntan
Pickles Choice
Pickles Dill
Potato Sweet/Yam
Potato White Sweet 1/2
Purple Top Turnip 25 lbs
Radish 24 Ct
Scallion Iceless
Spinach 24 Ct
Squash Ital - Fancy 1/2
Squash Ital - Med 1/2
Squash Italian Bushel
Squash Yellow Bushel
Squash Yellow Fancy 1/2
Squash Yellow Med 1/2
Swiss Chard Green
Swiss Chard Red
Tomato Native
Tomato Vine 11 lbs

Avocados Hass 32/36/40/48/60
Bok Choy
Broccoli Bunch 14/18
Broccoli Crowns
Broccoli Florets 4/3 lbs
Broccoli Broccoflower
Carrots Cello 48/1 lbs
Carrots 50 lbs loose
Carrots Baby 20/1 lbs
Carrots Loose Baby 25 lbs
Cauliflower 12 ct
Celery Naked 18/24/30
Celery Sleeves 24/30
French Beans
Lettuce Cello
Lettuce Naked
Lettuce Liner
Lettuce Boston
Lettuce Red Leaf
Lettuce Green Leaf
Lettuce Romaine
Lettuce Romaine Hearts 12/3
Lettuce Green Leaf Crowns
Lettuce Romaine Crowns
Lettuce Spring Mix
Lettuce Salad Mix 4x5
Lettuce Salad Separate 4x5
Lettuce Salad w/ Romaine 4x5
Lettuce 1/8 in Shred 4x5
Lettuce Garden Salad 18/1 lbs
Lettuce Cole Slaw 4x5
Lettuce Baby Arrugula 4 lbs
Lettuce Baby Spinach 4 lbs
Lettuce Spinach 12x10 oz
Lettuce Spinach 4x2.5 oz
Olives Green
Olives Black
Quince 30/32/36/42
Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas